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Paul “Chad” Smith Receives 2022 Outstanding Industry Educator Award from the Explore the New Manufacturing Program

The Explore the New Manufacturing Program announced today that Paul “Chad” Smith has been recognized with an Outstanding Industry Educator award for his dedication in the classroom.  Smith is a teacher at Randolph Technical Center, where he teaches industrial maintenance classes.  Smith will receive a $500 award designated for classroom enhancement.  He will also be presented with a commemorative wooden plaque and gift basket featuring products made in West Virginia.  Proctor & Gamble Company, a Gold Patron, along with Technimark, a Bronze Patron, are sponsors of the 2022 awards.

John Daniels, principal at Randolph Technical Center, has highlighted the many qualifications that led to Mr. Smith’s award. “Mr. Smith possesses the communication skills to effectively teach the various learning styles of his students. He is a true team player who is always willing to take on added responsibilities to improve school culture and climate. Chad not only teaches industrial maintenance fundamentals, but he also teaches life skills, including proper work ethic. His goal is to prepare his students to become productive members of society in all their future endeavors.” Regarding Smith’s genuine concern for students, Daniels adds, “Mr. Smith cares deeply about the education of his students and feels as if he has failed them if they don't succeed. Chad lives by the saying, ‘Students don't care how much you know until they know how much you care,’ and every one of Chad's students knows how much he cares. In my opinion, there is no one more deserving of this recognition than Paul "Chad" Smith.” 

Launched in 2020, the Emerging Elite in Manufacturing & Outstanding Industry Educator awards celebrate the skills and dedication of students and educators across West Virginia. “Mr. Smith’s Industrial Maintenance class has two teams in this year’s Manufacturing Innovation Challenge program, providing not only real-world project-based learning on a broader scale, but also the opportunity to engage directly with Kingsford, the company serving as their manufacturer partner,” said Program Director Monica Cross, who oversees the Explore the New Manufacturing Program on behalf of the West Virginia Manufacturing Association Educational Fund’s efforts to create student awareness and excitement about careers in manufacturing and the training opportunities for these positions in their local areas. “An educator with a strong rapport with his students, Chad uses his industrial background to deliver meaningful experiences in the classroom. The Explore Team is honored to present this award to recognize Mr. Smith for his dedication and excellence.”

OUTSTANDING INDUSTRY EDUCATOR awardees are making positive impacts in the classroom. Student success is often the result of a dynamic teacher who inspires pupils to work harder to pursue a rewarding future. Awardees have championed students in manufacturing-related technical and STEM courses and are involved in the Explore the New Manufacturing or other affiliated programs.       

Smith’s award is part of Explore’s Emerging Elite in Manufacturing and Outstanding Industry Educator awards. Profiles of all award recipients will be available on the Explore the New Manufacturing website after they have been announced.

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