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Director's Notes

Explore the New Manufacturing Program Recognizes 12 Outstanding West Virginians

EMERGING ELITE IN MANUFACTURING AND INDUSTRY EDUCATOR AWARDS Launched in 2020, the Emerging Elite in Manufacturing & Outstanding Industry Educator Awards celebrate the skills and dedication of students and educators across West Virginia. A s the Explore Team worked with students and educators through a myriad of programs , we quickly noticed ma...
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When Pandemic Hits, West Virginians Respond

" Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all the darkness . " - Desmond Tutu Even in areas less impacted by the COVID - 19 pandemic, its reverberations have been felt. From broadband limitations to supply chain constraints , restricted accessibility , and unfamiliar ways of interfacing, in addition to the worries and concerns about t...
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Manufacturers Develop Learning Labs for Middle School Students

An essential part of creating a link between education and industry is building relationships between manufacturers and educator s, parents, community partners, and students. Explore the New Manufacturing programs are designed to facilitate interaction and engagement through hands-on, minds-on labs, workshops, competitions, and challenges. One of t...
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National Manufacturing Day: Celebrating the Past & Inspiring the Future

   Today is National Manufacturing Day, but we'll be highlighting the importance of manufacturing with multiple events across the state throughout the month. For starters, National Manufacturing Day celebrates what is made in America as well as the hardworking men and women who are the backbone of any manufacturer. Today also is a day to ...
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Addressing the Skills Gap

It's no secret there is a skills gap at both the national and state levels that is ever-broadening due to technological advancement, among other factors . Speaking specifically to our state, there are West Virginians who ne e d skills in order to acquire sustainable employment and yet there are jobs – good paying jobs - in our state right now that ...
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