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Samuel Wilson | Grafton High School | High School Category

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Samuel Wilson
Welding and Metal Technology
Grafton High School
High School Category
“Mr. Wilson is a younger, nontraditional educator and volunteers to help with a variety of school projects. He demonstrates the fun in learning and giving back to the community.

Stacy Ward
Grafton High School

"I try to treat the students as co-workers or employees. In the classroom, I train "foremen" and they train their peers and guide them through tasks. Outside the classroom, I take students on ski and whitewater rafting trips, then relate it back to welding."
“Samuel Wilson is an outstanding teacher of students. I selected the word “students” because he teaches so much more than welding. He prepares students to become adults. He creates a classroom environment where each student can grow based on their current ability.”

Lori Shumaker
Principal, Grafton High School

"I’ve used peer-to-peer teaching for students out due to quarantine. This allowed me to move forward with the whole class while students caught each other up on what was missed."
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