Lifetime Achievement

Through their dedication and leadership, the awardees have worked to help West Virginia students to excel in career readiness fields, technical education, or STEM classes that focus on manufacturing careers

Dr. Kathy D'Antoni

drkThe 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award has been presented to Dr. Kathy D’Antoni for her dedication and leadership to West Virginia’s career technical education programs (CTE). D’Antoni retired in 2020 as the Associate State Superintendent over the Division of Technical and Adult Education.  During her long and exemplary career, D’Antoni extensively focused on curriculum alignment and development, but more importantly the passion and innovation she brings to CTE is game-changing for West Virginia.  D'Antoni's Simulated Workplace Program has been replicated both nationally and internationally, and there is no better friend to the manufacturing workforce pipeline than Dr. D’Antoni.

Dr. D’Antoni’s award was a special creation combining the talents of Carver Career and Technical Education Center students, Kyla Jolliffe and John Smith, and the West Virginia Wood Technology Center.  The award features an adult hand passing a gear into a child’s hand.  John Smith, graphic design student, explains the hands “symbolizes the instructor, who passes knowledge by leading; but also, the student, who follows by example.”

“Johnny and I are tremendously honored to have been able to work together on this award for you, Dr. D’Antoni.  I will forever be grateful to you for being an integral person in making the amazing education I was able to receive. It has been so impactful and meaningful for my future, not only in the workforce but in life too. I know that I speak for all technical education students, past and future, when I say that we sincerely thank you” stated Kyla Jolliffe, Integrated Production Technology student, Carver Career and Technology Education Center.

On behalf of the of the West Virginia Manufacturers Association Educational Fund Inc., Board Chair Gary Clay shared, “From the early days of our efforts to tell people about the good jobs and careers in manufacturing, we knew we needed to be on the same page as the educators in this state.  Dr. Kathy D’Antoni stepped forward to be our partner on the education side.  She has supported us and helped us understand how we could work with local schools to create a pathway to manufacturing careers.  Her efforts on behalf of career and technical education in West Virginia has been tireless.” 

“West Virginia’s manufacturing education is topnotch today in large part due to Dr. D’Antoni’s steadfast leadership and advocacy.  As we begin acknowledging the achievement of students and educators across the state, we are honored to recognize Dr. D’Antoni for her years of commitment and excellence,” stated Monica Cross, Explore the New Manufacturing Program Director. 


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