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Kendall Snodgress | Calhoun County Middle High School | Middle School Category

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Kendall Snodgress
6th Grade
Calhoun County Middle High School
“I realize that Kendall is a middle school student, but she impressed me beyond expectation. I met Kendall when her Calhoun Middle School class worked with the Belle Chemical Company. The class was running their own production, taking pictures and filming employee interviews under Kendall's leadership for Explore’s student video contest.”

Jason Lloyd
Belle Chemical Company

“Kendall has already shown herself as a leader and was selected as the first student of the month for this school year. She is someone who can be trusted 100% and is respected and liked by students and staff."
Daniel Cosgrove
Social Studies Teacher
Calhoun County Middle High School
“My parents have influenced me by pushing me to do better. My teachers have also influenced me by showing me things I didn't know existed. I have talked to many adults and am not afraid. We always talk like we've known each other our whole lives.”
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