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Alejandro Ortiz-Hernandez | South Charleston High School | High School Category

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Alejandro Ortiz-Hernandez
12th Grade
South Charleston High School
Top 3 Career Goals
1. A dual degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at West Virginia University.
2. To be employed in an aeronautic defense company, similar to the company of Lockheed Martin.
3. To become a Senior Engineer in the company that I become employed in.
“Alejandro is a self-motivated learner who works tirelessly to complete projects by himself or with his peers and shows exemplary organizational and learning skills. Alejandro has committed to WVU as a mechanical engineering student with a minor in Aerospace Engineering, and I believe he will achieve this goal with ease. Alejandro has shown perseverance and tenacity in overcoming language challenges early in his high school career, becoming a premier student in the engineering department at SCHS.”
Tambra Kascic
South Charleston High School
“I have developed skills during the four years of high school that I view as most valuable for engineering. Leadership skills help to motivate and incorporate the various ideas of the members of a team, which will help achieve the desired outcome. Team skills will also elaborate the effect of the team, and critical thinking will help bring "out-of-the-box" ideas that will benefit the project.”
“Alejandro has certainly sharpened his academic skills and focus and has his commitment to serve his community and friends. Alejandro has developed a strong sense of moral character, strong friendship bonds with his peers, and a clear direction to where he wants to take himself life in the future. Alejandro is not all test scores and good grades; he is an engaged problem solver and global thinker. He shows confidence in his work and in the way he presents himself."

Charles S. Hamer
South Charleston High School
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