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Nathaniel Carlton | South Charleston High School | High School Category

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Nathaniel Carlton
12th Grade
South Charleston High School
Top 3 Career Goals
1. Civil Engineering
2. Structural Engineering
3. Carpentry

“Even in difficult circumstances of limited resources and time, I have been challenged to learn the methods and critical thinking involved in engineering and manufacturing.”
“Nathaniel has been an asset to our engineering department and has strong leadership skills within his core group of peers, stepping up to organize and implement often difficult challenges. He has volunteered to learn new programs such as Autodesk Revit and Inventor and mentors the younger students enrolled in our program. Nathaniel has designed and implemented the construction of 3D printed assistive technology, a model Habitat for Humanity floor plan, and many projects requiring higher-level thinking and the engineering design process.”
Tambra Kascic
South Charleston High School
My advice to middle school students: “I would tell them to persevere. The best thing you can do at that age in life is to keep going. If you quit that early on, then you will never make it to anything great later down the road.”
“Not only will Nathaniel graduate with honors, but he will also graduate as a completer of our Engineering CTE program. To be a completer of this honors program, Nathaniel has taken the following: Introduction to Engineering, Principles of Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, and Civil Engineering. Nathaniel is a quiet but hard-working student, who is proud of his accomplishments.”

Ami Campbell
South Charleston High School

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