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Tobin McEldowney | Paden City High School | High School Category

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Tobin McEldowney
11th Grade
Paden City High School
Mid-Ohio Valley Technical Institute
Top 3 Career Goals
1. Join the military
2. Go to tech school
3. Join a union

Tobin is a Career Technical Education student focusing on chemical, energy, and mechanical technology.
“Tobin is an outstanding student with very good attendance in my class. When he was remote, Tobin completed his assignments with no issue, and attended team meetings. If Tobin had to miss a meeting, he would send me pictures of himself helping his dad on excavating jobs. Tobin gets along with his peers and always does what is asked of him in the shop; he is very safety conscious. Tobin will make a good employee when he finishes school.”
Kenneth Collins, Instructor
“I enjoy learning new things. At MOVTI, I've learned several different skills to take with me into whatever I choose to do after high school. I enjoy working with my classmates making things and working together to accomplish things.”
“In the time I have known Tobin, I have found him to be exceptionally intelligent and gifted to whatever he dedicates himself. Above all else, I have seen him fully commit himself to his program at MOVTI. He tells me consistently about his work at MOVTI, what he is learning about, and how he can use his new skills to set him up for success in the future. He is an exemplary model of the great work your programs do for our students at Paden City High School.”

David Riggle
Paden City High School
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