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Kyla Jolliffe | George Washington High School | High School Category

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Kyla Jolliffe
12th Grade
Carver Career and Technical Center
George Washington High School
“The two of the types of engineering I have experienced interest in over the past few years are Bio-Medical and Design Engineering, but I am currently exploring other options that may be more meaningful to my goal of improving the world and life on it.”
“Kyla's goal is to attend Swanson School of Engineering to help create prosthetic limbs with different skin tones. She believes since persons of different colors also need prosthetics and have enough challenges dealing with the loss of limb, having prosthetics to match their skin color would help them mentally cope with their situation. I believe she deserves recognition because of her hard work in the classroom and a goal of helping others through further education.”
Bruce Hamrick, Instructor
Carver Career and Technical Center
“I feel that I have grown to be an important component of any team by managing the class and presentation expectations. I have also become much better at public speaking. However, one of the most important things is that I can now recognize the strengths and abilities of others, making it easier to assign meaningful roles in team settings.”
"My advice to middle school students: “You have time, and you should explore everything that interests you. It is completely okay to change your mind, and you need to allow yourself to have experiences to find what you love. It’s easy to think you know what you want when you haven’t had the chance to see anything else, but it is so important to try new things, even ones you don’t know if you would enjoy them.”
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