mdvlDesigned for 7th and 8th grade middle classrooms, both in-person and virtual, each MANUFACTURING DAY VIRTUAL LAB is a snapshot of one company’s manufacturing process, its products, and the employees who make it all happen. The series has been developed to meet West Virginia education curriculum objectives.

Virtual Lab Facts:

  • Features West Virginia manufacturers and the diverse produces made in the mountain state.
  • Each lab consists of a 30-minute video, focusing on employees and the career skills they need for their jobs.
  • Student worksheet with vocabulary and questions accompany each lab.
  • An optional hands-on experiment using everyday household items is provided. 
What is the purpose of the Explore the New Manufacturing Program?

The Explore Program is committed to increasing the number of West Virginia students completing career paths that support the state’s manufacturing industry.  We believe it is important our student educational opportunities are fun, exciting, and build awareness about the diversity of available career options.  It is essential for us to forge strong collaborations between manufacturers and educators to help student discovery and understanding of manufacturing careers.