Because of advancements in technology, the manufacturing industry is changing for the better. Manufacturing is vibrant, innovative, cutting-edge, technologically advanced and offers great paying jobs. While The Explore the New Manufacturing program will help explain the growth and excitement in manufacturing, here are some key manufacturing statistics to review:

In the US:

  • More than half of high-demand manufacturing jobs do not require a four-year degree, but do require advanced training.
  • The United States is the world’s largest manufacturing economy, producing 18.2% of all global manufactured products.
  • Manufacturing supports over 17 million U.S. jobs, meaning more than 12 million Americans are employed in manufacturing.
  • Manufacturers contribute $2.09 trillion to the economy.
  • The average manufacturing worker in the U.S. earned $77,506 annually.

In West Virginia:

  • The average salary in manufacturing is $65,653 for West Virginia, which is 20% higher than the overall average salary.
  • 1,146 manufacturing companies are located in our region and employ more than 48,900 workers.
  • Total output for manufacturing in West Virginia was $7.2 billion, or 9.73% of the gross state product.

With many high-priority, in-demand manufacturing jobs available, some to note are:

  • CNC Operator
  • Industrial Machinery Mechanic
  • Machinist
  • Welder
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • First-line Supervisor of Production Workers

Data sourced from the 2015 study by the National Association of Manufacturers