The West Virginia Manufacturers Association Educational Fund created the Explore the New Manufacturing program to help build a strong pipeline of talent and give young people a new perspective on the exciting career opportunities that exist within the manufacturing industry today.

The future of manufacturing is important. Without educating the emerging workforce about the industry and the rewarding career opportunities available to them, they have no idea about the impacts manufacturing jobs can have on their futures. The Explore the New Manufacturing program wants to partner with manufacturing professionals, like you, to increase engagement with local schools and students, and educate/introduce them to the opportunities in the industry.

Qualified worker shortage, skill and interest gaps, competition and an aging workforce are just a few challenges the industry faces today. Working together with manufacturers, Explore the New Manufacturing intends to help address these manufacturing workforce challenges.

Specifically, Explore the New Manufacturing was created to give manufacturers a way to be a part of solving workforce challenges but with a manageable time commitment. With guidance and tools provided by WVMA, the program connects a manufacturing representative directly with students to discuss career opportunities. The program team will have all materials you will need, so it's easy and simple to present an effective message and connect with schools in your local communities.

Presentations in schools, plant tours and other events are just a few ways to get involved with Explore the New Manufacturing. To discover more, check out the pages outlining the ways you can get involved.